William LaSalle

William LaSalle

Eastern Region Coordinator

  • Raised in a union family. Parents and grandparents were union workers in the steel and textile factories of Philadelphia.
  • Fought through two strikes as a young activist with the Transport Workers Union Local 234 in Philadelphia.
  • A long-time leader in one of the most organized APWU locals in the country: Philadelphia BMC Local 7048.
  • Appointed National Arbitration Advocate by President Biller in 1995, successfully presented hundreds of cases in arbitration.
  • Three term officer in the Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union.
  • Twelve years as APWU Eastern Region Maintenance NBA, during which the grievance backlog was reduced to historic lows.
  • Served as the regional Article 12 Craft officer, attending regional Article 12 meetings and advising Coordinator Mike Gallagher on related Article 12 issues.

I am proud to accept President Dimondstein’s invitation to join the TOGETHER WE WIN team as a candidate for Coordinator, APWU Eastern Region. I know that the team members share Mark Dimondstein’s vision of a militant APWU, fighting to protect the people's’ Postal Service, and leading the American Labor Movement into the 21 century.

As Coordinator, I will be the Eastern Region locals’ and members’ voice on the APWU national executive board. I will stand side-by-side with local leadership as we battle hostile and uncooperative managers. I will help lead the important legislative initiatives as your Regional contact with our area elected representatives. I promise to continue the legacy of leadership in the APWU Eastern Region.

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