Vance Zimmerman

Vance Zimmerman

Industrial Relations Director

I have had the privilege of serving this great union as your current Industrial Relations Director and defending your rights as postal workers. The Postal Service has continually attacked your rights and livelihood and I am proud to have worked vehemently to defend them. Before serving as the Industrial Relations Director, I served as a Maintenance National Business Agent (NBA) in the Central Region for 15 years.

Before being an NBA, I served as Vice President, Maintenance Craft Director and assistant Clerk Craft Director for the Greater Cincinnati Area Local. Through these roles I have had the honor of representing you and gained experience leading, preparing, presenting and testifying in National Arbitrations.

In addition, I have been involved in the last three contract negotiations, serving as the chief spokesperson in the most recent contract. As an NBA, I handled over 30,000 cases and put tens of millions of dollars back in the hands of our membership.

As Industrial Relations Director, I have worked closely with the President and every craft to strengthen the rights of the members in each craft. With your support and vote I will continue to have the honor of fighting for you.

I am proud to be on the dynamic, experienced and powerful Together We Win Team; where every team member is dedicated to making the life of every postal worker better by improving pay, working conditions, and job security.


Over my 30 years with the postal service, I have worked tirelessly to make sure the voice of our members is heard. My 30 years of experience has equipped me with the needed knowledge and skills to be successful as the Industrial Relations Director.


  • Industrial Relations Director working closely with all four craft directors.
  • Central Region Maintenance National Business Agent- 15 years
  • Vice President, Greater Cincinnati Area Local representing all four crafts.
  • Maintenance Craft Director, Greater Cincinnati Area Local
  • MPE Mechanic and Tour Three Maintenance Steward
  • Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Greater Cincinnati Area Local
  • LSM Clerk and Tour Three Clerk Steward


  • As an NBA, I trained thousands of local officers and stewards on how to protect our members from regressive actions of management.
  • For 15 years, worked with the clerk, maintenance and Motor Vehicle Services stewards at the Illinois’ Steward Conference, covering topics such as basic steward training, advanced steward training, discipline, veterans’ rights, safety and health, LMOU training, and maintenance issues.
  • Taught over 1000 stewards at the Tristate School held at Miami University each year, focusing on beginner, intermediate and advanced discipline arbitration skills.
  • Since 2001, I have worked with officers and stewards from all 50 states and Puerto Rico at the Bi-annual All-Craft Conference preparing participants to protect our members through contract enforcement.

Additional Experience

  • Handled over 30,000 cases as a National Business Agent
  • Through arbitrations and settlements, I have put tens of millions of dollars back in the hands of our members
  • Played an integral role in two national contract negotiations
  • Before becoming Industrial Relations Director, assisted in preparing and presenting national arbitration cases
  • As Director, I have directed the preparation and presentation of multiple national arbitration cases
  • Testified in national arbitrations
  • Attended congressional meetings to fight the closing of post offices

Accomplishments as Industrial Relations Director

  • Negotiated the 2015-2018 LMOU for Offices without a local union structure
  • Worked collectively with your national and local officers to enforce the contract
  • Working in conjunction with your hardworking national business agents (NBAs) and other officers, reduced the arbitration backlog—particularly cases where employees faced removal
  • Filled district and national arbitration panels with quality and competent arbitrators
  • Effectively dealt with non-compliance with grievance decisions and awards by management
  • Working with President Dimondstein, negotiated new benefits for PSEs including uniform allowances, additional overtime compensation, work-hour guarantees, and additional contributions towards health insurance by the employer
  • Extended the MOU on EGS and negotiated improvements to the EGS system
  • Negotiated the new APWU SEARCH program and oversaw its implementation
  • Arbitrated more cases at the national level than recent Industrial Relations Directors
  • Developed informational packets for use in the field on issues such as Duty of Fair Representation (NLRB issues), Pregnancy Discrimination, and Safety
  • Raised awareness over opioids in the mail with the Postal Service that led to an OIG investigation into the problem and implementation of a Narcan program that is ongoing
  • Successfully took on the Postal Service and the Department of Justice’s Office of Special Counsel on the Hatch Act—leading to the USPS 3971 policy change being revoked
  • Oversaw the development of the new “Contract Database” on the new APWU website to help stewards and officers find the necessary documents to aid in contract enforcement
  • Currently overseeing the reinvigoration of the regional safety programs to improve better access and inclusion of the regional safety and health representatives
  • Turned the Industrial Relations Department into a responsive, productive and effective department for all members

Working for the postal service and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) has been a privilege.  It has allowed me to provide for my family, an opportunity I want to ensure is available for many more generations of postal workers.

I am a proud father of four, and “Papa” to four grandsons and two granddaughters. I have been married for 31 years to the love of my life, Tammy, who I met on the mailroom floor. As a former postal worker, member of a union family of autoworkers and current secretary of her local chapter of the Ohio Association of Public-School Employees, she has supported my work with the APWU each step of the way.

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