Michael O. Foster

Michael O. Foster

MVS Division Director

Michael O. Foster started his postal career as a Motor Vehicle Operator  in the Detroit Post office in 1981. After training he soon became a Tractor Trailer Operator. Having worked in Detroit in the auto industry and in Union shops Mike joined the APWU shortly after hire.

Coming from a union family Mike embraced the APWU immediately.

In 1987 Mike ran for office and was elected MVS Director for the Detroit District Area Local. Mike was selected as the only MVS member to chair a National Biennial Convention. He was the Convention Chairman in Detroit in 1994 and 1998.

He served the MVS Craft in Detroit faithfully until in 2001 when he was appointed national Assistant MVS Director to replace the retiring Joe Willams.

Working together with MVS Director Bob Pritchard the craft faced many crucial challenges that threatened the survival of Postal Vehicle Service.

In 2012 the USPS attempted to contract out the PVS drivers and operations in the entire  state of California. When the union successfully defended this attempt, in 2013, the USPS notified the APWU they were considering contracting out PVS operations in 162 sites throughout the country.

Again the APWU was able to convince a national level arbitrator that the USPS attempts were improper.

In 2013 Mike became the National  MVS Director replacing  Bob Pritchard and along with Assistant Director Javier Pineres have continued to lead the craft through trying times.

Mike has successfully negotiated a Last Chance Agreement for all MVS employees for a first time positive test for drugs and alcohol under the DOT testing procedures. He negotiated the process for timely repairs of air conditioning in PVS vehicles.

Realizing the difficulties with hiring automotive technicians and mechanics he established a program that allows newly hired employees to be trained to  operate a commercial motor vehicle and pass the DOT commercial driving test.

He also negotiated an agreement that allows MVO’s to train for TTO’s for upward mobility.

In 2016 the MVS received an historic national arbitration decision which required the USPS to insource work being performed by highway contractors. Over 1 million annual hours for the length of a regular HCR contract are being performed by APWU members.

The challenges are many in the MVS Craft, and Mike still has the commitment and dedication to represent and fight for the MVS Craft, and the entire APWU as a member of the National Executive Board.

Mike always, in his Reports to the MVS membership has ended saying “it remains an honor and privilege to represent the MVS Craft and I look forward to the challenges in the future. “


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