Kennith L. Beasley

Kennith L. Beasley

Southern Region Coordinator

As a son of the rural south, Kennith Beasley learned early in life the importance of not simply uttering words, but living by them.

In 1981, Beasley began his life of labor and service as a steward and trustee of the Fireman and Oilers Union, Local #288.  He was elected Chief Steward and represented over 300 workers.

Beasley became a postal worker (LSM Operator) and APWU member in 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 1986 he was elected Associate Office Craft Director for the Atlanta Metro Area Local - a position he held for 6 years. He was later elected Clerk Craft Director representing the North Metro P&D’s over 740 employees. Beasley attributes his success as a Union his belief that Labor is about men and women working, standing, and fighting together for mutual benefit.

In 1995, Beasley was elected to the full-time position of Vice President of the fourth largest Local in the APWU, a position he served for nine years.  He was also Chief Negotiator for the LMOU. Kennith served as President of the Atlanta Metro Area Local from 2005-2013 and as Chief Negotiator for the three P&D Centers, the Bulk Mail Center, 52 Stations and 38 Associate Offices.

Kennith Beasley met, interacted and supported many prominent civic and civil rights leaders and organizations in the 60’s and 70’s. Under Beasley’s presidency, the local was also active in the Central Labor Council, A. Phillip Randolph Institute, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Alliance for Retired Americans and Jobs with Justice.

During his term as President, the USPS attempted to consolidate mail processing a close a facility in Beasley’s area. He was able to produce evidence that challenged the credibility of the postal service’s position. As Beasley understood that community involvement was a necessary ingredient for success, he also participated in over twenty-five community wide meetings designed to involve the community. As a result of these successful efforts, the mail processing facility was kept open.

Kennith Beasley has served on Local, State and National Committees and was appointed by President Bill Burrus to Chair the Appeals Committee. Beasley was Director-at-Large of the ABA Executive for 4 years. Beasley is a certified arbitration advocate (George Meany School), MSPB advocate and EEO advocate.

In 2013 Kennith Beasley was elected as Southern Region Coordinator when the APWU membership spoke up and sent a clear message that they wanted leadership that had the heart to never settle for less than what the membership deserved. Under Beasley’s leadership the Southern Region has made significant improvements. He has:

  • Simplified the Southern Region website so that information pertaining to excessing is readily available to the locals.
  • Instituted regional labor management meetings in an effort to resolve issues affecting Locals and States.
  • Attended State/regional Conventions, Conferences and Seminars.
  • Always available and responsive to the local and state leaders.

Kennith is a passionate advocate who will continue to fight for improved wages and benefits, justice, dignity and equality for our membership. Please  vote for Kennith L.Beasley and the APWU "Together We Win" Team - a vote for continued progress.

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