Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Executive Vice-President

Elections have consequences. And while it is tempting to give in to our emotions, it is ultimately wiser to analyze the bigger picture, developing a strategy and applying tactics to secure the long-term survival of the APWU while fighting for the immediate advancement of our members. To be successful in this fight, we must be aware that we are in a full-scale, multi-front war with postal management leveling attacks on our members daily, the current administration in the White House plotting and scheming to take away our collective bargaining rights as the first step in the privatization of the postal service. They are aided and abetted by their allies, the corporate-funded think tanks, the anti-worker corporate media echoing the message and elements in Congress, on both sides of the aisle, willing to carry out our ultimate destruction.

This is a time for women and men of vision, courage, strength and experience to come forward and lead us on the battlefield. I have accepted this calling and have announced my candidacy for Executive Vice President of the American Postal Workers Union. I am ready to devote every ounce of my ability, passion and reason to this fight.  I pledge to you my commitment to work ceaselessly, my dedication to fight for what is best for our members, and my readiness to accept the constitutional responsibilities of the position of Executive Vice President of our union.

As President of the NY Metro Area Postal Union, I am proud of our many accomplishments during the past seven years:

  • More PSE conversions than any other local in the country.
  • Doubled the size of our MVS and maintenance staffing.
  • More than 50 maintenance custodian conversions before the signing of filling residual vacancies MOU.
  • Stopped management’s attempt to contract out motor vehicle service at the bulk mail center.
  • Stopped most of NY district management’s attempts to close carrier delivery stations.
  • Fully support the largest local retiree chapter (the Moe Biller Retiree Chapter) in APWU. They were instrumental in our winning fight against Staples.
  • Currently fighting to get postal banking in the Bronx installation with the invaluable help of the retiree chapter.
  • Filed and won a major grievance that stopped postal management from placing injured   carriers and mail handlers into the clerk craft.
  • Not one bargaining unit employee has been excessed out of the installations we represent.

Elections have consequences, and the role that the APWU membership plays is of the utmost importance. The ultimate strength of our union is that we have a democratic process where each member has a vote. Who you decide to cast your vote for could impact your career and the careers of your fellow members 30 years into the future. We are not just talking about wages, hours and working conditions, we are talking about the very survival of the Postal Service itself.

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