Elizabeth "Liz" Powell

Elizabeth "Liz" Powell


Elizabeth "Liz" Powell IS our Secretary-Treasurer, assuming this critical office in 2009 during management’s constant assault on us and impacting membership revenue. Under Liz’s leadership the APWU continued and continues to be in the black.  Liz oversees several departments in the APWU, constantly improving on their purpose to serve our membership and the objectives of the APWU.

Liz ensures our Constitution and By-Laws are promulgated and followed.  She provides viable resources to the Local and State Officers so they can better perform their important fiduciary duties.  Liz’s #1 goal is always to ensure the interests of the membership are protected and the resources of this great union are accurately and transparently accounted for.  She believes the membership is the most important factor within the APWU and has consistently extended herself to provide the state and local unions any and all assistance necessary to provide maximum representation.  Providing education and information is a top priority with Liz which she shares with all state and local officers through mailings, seminars and one on one communication.

Liz joined the United States Postal Service in 1970 as a part time flexible clerk, working at the Hempstead, NY Post Office on Long Island while at the same time working as a Teacher's Aide for the Hempstead School District.  She became actively involved in the Hempstead Local APWU early in her postal career, serving as Chief Shop Steward, Secretary-Treasurer and in 1979 as president of what is now known as the Western Nassau, NY Area Local.

Recognizing that her support comes from both her union sisters and brothers, she has served the membership as a New York National Business Agent from 1983 until 1989, when she was elected as the first and only female member of the APWU National Executive Board as the Regional Coordinator, Northeast Region.

On October 16, 2009, she was appointed and approved by a vote of the National Executive Board, in accordance with the APWU Constitution, to serve as the union’s national Secretary-Treasurer, making her the first woman executive officer in the union’s history.  She was elected in 2010, 2013 and 2016.

As Secretary-Treasurer she readily assists other APWU departments and she was the co-author of the 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2016 APWU-USPS JCIM (Joint Contract Interpretation Manual).

While serving the membership of the APWU, Liz has received many prestigious awards including, but not limited to the World Peace Prize for "Roving Ambassador for Peace" and the World Peace Prize for "Labor Leadership."  She believes a "woman’s place is in her union" and as "the struggle continues, together we win."

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