Dena Briscoe

Dena Briscoe

Research and Education Director

Hi APWU Members. My name is Dena Briscoe, APWU Research and Education, Candidate. I ask for your vote for me and all of the candidates of the APWU Together We Win Team. Each of these Candidates have demonstrated strong union leadership roles in their service to the APWU.

Currently I am serving my 5th term as President of Nation’s Capital/Southern Maryland Area Local. Under my leadership my local has hosted MD State/DC State, BMC, and  NPC conferences. I am also, fulfilling my 3rd term as Vice Chairwoman of the APWU National President’s Conference. I serve on my local areas Metropolitan Washington Council of Union’s, previously as Trustee, Secretary, and a current Board Member.

My union leadership experience ascended from my fight to help improve postal working conditions after the 2001 Anthrax Crisis. I was chosen by my coworkers to lead our employee-based support group named Brentwood Exposed after two of our coworkers were killed and many of us became ill.

Under my leadership in this fight we helped our coworkers faced issued. We provided support group services and many resources to help with us the stress, coping skills, and the ability to move forward. We addressed the USPS inactions by continuing to engage with the media, filing a Class action EEO, attaining legal services for our federal class action case to the Supreme Court, assuring that before they reopened the anthrax contaminated building it was thoroughly clean, and keeping workers abreast of and fighting for their rights.

I gained much respect from my coworkers, postal management, the unions, congressional leadership, and the media, medical fields, scientific experts, and gained many outside allies. I have been quoted and/or written about on this topic and other postal  issues in magazines, newspapers, expert books, television interviews, documentaries, etc. I enjoy sharing information.

I serve on  Ballou Senior High Schools Alumni Association Executive Board previously as Secretary Treasure now Board Member, my community Home Ownership Association (HOA) previously as Vice President, Board Member, and now as Secretary/Treasurer. I also, have served on the Mt. Ennon Baptist Church Gospel Unity Choir and teen girls mentoring program DOVES. I have been a student aid in Flintstone Elementary School, John Hanson Middle School, and reading aid at Malcolm X Elementary School. I have been the Meet Manager of the Takoma Park Swim Team as well as Parks and Recreation DC “Waves”. I also, was chosen as Chairperson of a delegation of union leaders, who  visited Cuba on an educational research license to learn about their unions.

I have been a fearless fighter for those in need and on the side of righteousness as far back as elementary school. I will fight to help develop the Research and Education Department into a members service department filled with much needed information. I am connected to the workroom floor and envision plans on  how this department can help strengthen our members. Thank you.

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