Anna Smith

Anna Smith

Organization Director

I AM UNION ~ Organizing For Our Future

Over 60,000 new members have joined our union under the leadership of Organization Director, Anna Smith. Working alongside local and state leaders she has and continues to actively participate in the vital work of organizing those who have yet to join the fight to improve our wages and working conditions.

Serving as your Organization Director since 2013 she has brought her unique skills and energy to continually create new and exciting organizing materials and resources that are both useful and readily available for use by local and state leaders. She has not only developed new reports to aide leaders at every level of the APWU, but has worked endlessly to ensure the information is accurately reflected. Anna continues to work to streamline the process for those joining the APWU, very soon the APWU will be the first postal union to make it possible for new members to join online.

Anna Smith has spearheaded a national campaign that is at the forefront of internal organizing. Partnering with instructors from the AFL-CIO and local leaders they pooled their unique talents to create one of the most in-depth courses on internal organizing in the nation. These training courses are designed to give new and experienced organizers in our union the tools and techniques they need to increase our membership.

The work is not done though. We must continue to set goals in organizing the APWU and actively put in place programs, money and effort to achieve our goals.

Prior to being your National Organization Director, Anna began her postal employment in 1996.  She has served the union at the local level as Organizing Director, Editor, Local Steward, and Associate Office Director for multiple terms. At the state level she served the membership as Editor, District Representative and 3 terms as State President.

I respectfully ask for your vote and continued support.

Anna Smith, National Organization Director  

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